I am a two-time survivor of non-small cell adenocarcinoma of the lung. I have never smoked but my oncologists say it was caused by second-hand smoke. My left lower lobe was removed in 2011. The tumor that was discovered then took up the whole lobe of my lung. My young GYN doctor discovered it. In January of 2013, the cancer showed up again and in March, all of the rest of left lung was removed.

My pulmonologist was against the surgery. He said he thought I would struggle for breath getting from the bed to the bathroom if I went through with it. That has not been the case though! I have not used additional oxygen in many months and will be walking in a 5K race this coming weekend. I attribute this to much prayer and support by family and friends, a fantastic surgeon, and a wonderful new Outpatient Oncology Rehab program at our local hospital. My therapists there have helped me regain my life and I can't say enough good things about getting physical therapy after lung surgery! They will be walking in the race with me this weekend.

My oncologist is worried about the cancer returning as there is no targeted drug for my specific cancer and I was unable to tolerate the last experimental drug they gave me due to some preexisting GI problems. My surgeon is much more optimistic though and thinks I have years ahead of me. Either way I am very grateful for the restoration of my energy and strength now so that I can enjoy all the activities I love with the people I love!

Thank you for this organization for getting the word out about lung cancer. I am a 63 year old grandmother but I hear of so many people much younger than me who are not getting to live the long lives they were intended to have due to lung cancer. Organizations like this are making a real difference for all of us by sponsoring research to help improve our lives!