Meet our NYC Marathon athletes

Ten runners from across the U.S. are coming together Sunday, November 3 to run the TCS New York City Marathon and raise funds for lung cancer research. Meet these dedicated athletes below!

Paul Delco

City: Trumbull, CT

What moves me:

I’m running for lung cancer research because I really wanted to run the NYC Marathon as a challenge, and my cousin has lung cancer. I thought this would be a great way to raise awareness running for him."

Masha Goodnight

City: Shawnee, OK

What moves me:

I am part of Team LCRF in order to support and raise awareness of lung cancer. My passion for running has always been fueled by the thought of running for the people who are not able to run."

Masha lost her brother, Travis, to lung cancer. Read his story here

Balazs Halmos

City: Ridgefield, CT

What moves me:

As a thoracic oncologist myself who has worked for the last close to 20 years with countless patients suffering from lung cancer and who also actively participated in both clinical and translational research I plan to run in memory of patients we have lost, in support of patients I am currently following and in great hopes for future generations of patients who we will be able to help better expecting great research advances ahead – as long as we can find the funding to keep our talented and motivated young scientists in our field through the help of foundations such as LCRF. Lastly, I also plan to run for myself to keep my weight down and my spirits up proving that despite being 50+, I can still accomplish significant things if I put my heart into it!"

Billie Kanfer

City: New York, NY

What moves me:

I'm running for my mom, my supermom, who was stronger than anyone I know. Beating tremendous odds, she lived 5 years with lung cancer and never let it affect her positivity, enthusiasm, kindness, and hard work. I'm running for her, for all the times she told me "never give up" and all the times she taught me that you can do anything you put your mind to."

Ben Paul

City: Burlingame, CA

What moves me:

Five years ago almost to the day of the race, my mom passed away from lung cancer. She was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and passed away in less than three months. It was devastating to witness. To this day, it is surreal to me how quickly she deteriorated and how greatly she suffered. I have wanted to help improve lung cancer research, honor my mom, and bring back her amazing spirit to touch us all again – and here is my chance!"

Lindsey Pever

City: Oklahoma City, OK

What moves me:

I lost my mom to lung cancer ten years ago and wanted to do something meaningful for that significant anniversary. I can’t imagine a better way to honor her than to help LCRF raise money so that others could avoid losing a mom or loved one."

Steve Roman

City: Pompton Lakes, NJ

What moves me:

I run for my father Steven Roman and my mother-in-law Maggie Reid Phillips; both were taken from us because of this disease. I often think of them when I am on a run and pushing myself to go faster and find it getting hard to breathe, and I understand how they suffered and how grateful I am that I can run because they can't."

Brandon Schneider

City: Bellmore, NY

What moves me:

I'm running for LCRF in memory of my Nana and in honor of two friends who have recently been given poor prognosis. Let's end the stigma."

Michael Spangler

City: Canton, GA

What moves me:

I have lost 3 incredible women to lung cancer, every time I tie my shoes, I tell them I run for them. I run because they can’t! It makes me feel good to do something for those who touched my life and helped me get to where I am today."

Kwok-Kin Wong

City: New York, NY

What moves me:

As a physician–scientist, I am excited by the latest advances in cancer research and treatments that have directly improved cancer patient survival. I am fervently committed to expanding cancer research and clinical care with the goal of changing the way we treat lung cancer to make it possible to develop a cure for a majority of patients."