Our Research

The Lung Cancer Research Foundation is proud to fund research that we believe will make major contributions toward better prevention, screening, and treatment of lung cancer. To be considered for grant funding, please review the eligibility criteria and submit the LCRF Grant Application, which can be accessed on the Grant Applicants page. The application deadline is Wednesday, July 1, 2015. For questions, please contact grants@lungfund.org.

LCRF Medical Advisory Board

The LCRF Medical Advisory Board is comprised of nine renowned, multi-disciplinary scientists and physicians from prominent institutions in the United States. Their expertise in surgery, medical oncology, and radiation therapy spans all lung cancer specialties and ensures that the most promising research is recommended for funding.

Types of Research Funded by LCRF

LCRF has funded research in all of the following areas:

  • Development of cutting-edge drugs
  • Identification of clinical applications for new lung cancer therapies
  • Identification of new biomarkers for treatment: selection/resistance to therapy, prognosis, and early detection
  • Support for investigators at all levels: from post-doctoral students to world leaders in the field
  • Psychosocial research into lung cancer
  • Prevention and early detection of lung cancer
  • Improved staging of lung cancer
  • Understanding of the pathways of lung cancer growth
  • Alternative/complementary therapy for lung cancer