#GivingTuesday Tribute Messages

Generous donors made a big impact, helping us raise more than $21K on #GivingTuesday, November 27, 2018. We invited donors to include a tribute message. Some tagged us on social media, and others included the message with their donation. We're honored to share them below.

In Memory • In Honor • With Encouragement

♥ I miss my wife. We will always remember Stephanie's fight. — NB

♥ This is in memory of Uncle Archie. — KN

♥ In loving memory of my husband Finesse "Corky" Farley who loved his family and passed away Jan 2018 from NSCLC. — NF

♥ You were so strong through all of your suffering. Dad we miss & love you so much. — PL

♥ Christina, We love and miss you! — BBS

♥ In loving memory of the best mom, Karen Laisch. — AS

♥ In memory of my sister Mary, who faced this dreadful disease with bravery and grace. May this small token, assist others in their battle. — LM

♥ Thinking of you always. — BPS

♥ Thanks for the love from God. I love you, Daddy. Wish you nothing but the best. — QC

♥ In honor of my courageous wife battling lung cancer for the second time. — JK

♥ In memory of Candace T. Rottman. The strongest woman who ever lived. Love you Mom, miss you dearly. — KR

♥ In memory of Sheryl Jaslow. — NJ

♥ Steph, you are an amazing testimony to being able to fight lung cancer. Keep up the great fight!!!! — LB

♥ In honor of my hero, my dad, and in gratitude for research devoted to finding a cure for lung cancer. — NK

♥ In honor of my brother, Tony, who died far too young of lung cancer. — TW

♥ In honor of my mother, Frieda Furman. She was one of a kind and I miss her every day. — SD

♥ In memory of a wonderful couple, Herb and Pat Johnson, who are missed by everyone who knew them. — KB

♥ In loving memory. — SM

♥ To Bob, who left us much too young. — DL

♥ In honor of a wonderful grandmother, mom, friend, sister, wife.... you are very loved and missed! — VP

♥ In loving memory of Sarita Ettenson, an incredible mom & adventurer! RIP — JP

♥ In memory of Melvin L. Rosenbloom — CH

♥ In memory of Saralee Surett — CH

♥ In honor of my father William D. Modell who valently fought the fight. We hope to find the cure I miss you. Love, Leslie — LM

♥ In honor of Ann Hanson. My hero. — MS