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Tips & tools

Team Captain Guide

This guide contains information about how to start a team and ideas for keeping your teammates motivated. Make the most of the event, and have fun doing it!

Fundraising thermometer

Set your fundraising goals and track your progress towards reaching them. Post this thermometer at your workplace, church, or other location you frequent.

Deposit slip and donation forms

Please use these forms to record all of your cash and check donations. To ensure efficient processing and happy donors, please mail in donations as soon as you receive them. Include a deposit slip when you send in cash and check donations. (Please do not mail cash – instead, write a check to cover the amount.) The single donation form is also perfect for sharing with potential donors as it allows them to mail in a donation on their own.

“I support lung cancer research” stickers

Download this PDF, print on Avery 5294 12-up round stickers, and hand them out to supporters.