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Giving wings to research

Be part of the metamorphosis

On World Lung Cancer Day 2022, join us as we explore our mission and continue the journey towards eradicating lung cancer.

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    This week’s messages

    Day 1 • July 25

    The first step to real change is making sure you have a plan and the best resources to carry it out.

    Day 2 • July 26

    Growth takes effort. We are single-minded towards our goal: Improving outcomes and increasing survival by funding lung cancer research.

    Day 3 • July 27

    Together, we bring about an evolution: from an idea into research… which brings about discovery… leading to new treatments… and results in lives extended.

    Day 4 • July 28

    The excitement is undeniable when you see positive change resulting from the work you’ve supported. You begin to see what’s possible.

    Day 5 • July 29

    Your efforts give scientists wings through funding their life-changing research, so their discoveries can take flight.

    Day 6 • July 30

    Butterflies may look delicate, but they’ve adapted to be tough. When we’re faced with obstacles, we adjust our approach and push forward.

    Day 7 • July 31

    The butterfly symbolizes hope in many cultures and serves as a reminder of those who have come before us.