2018 Year-End Campaign: Fund Lung Cancer Research

Fund Lung Cancer Research

The Lung Cancer Research Foundation awarded 13 research grants this year – nearly $2 million in funding. Together, we can do even more. Our year-end campaign for 2018 focuses on the power of funding lung cancer research. Your donations empower scientists and lead to breakthroughs impacting the lives of patients and families affected by lung cancer.

Marie's Story

Like many patients, Marie Clay was completely surprised by her lung cancer diagnosis in 2010. After a successful lobectomy with no need for further treatment, she assumed she was cancer-free.

Several years later Marie visited an orthodpedist after having experienced months of debilitating thigh, leg and back pain. There she learned that the cancer had metastasized to her bones.

"In the darkest and scariest time of my life, while I was having biopsies and wondering what would become of me, I was given some amazing news. I had the EGFR receptor mutation, and was eligible for a newer treatment – which wasn’t even available a few years ago – that can slow the growth and even kill off cancer cells. By the grace of God and medical research, I am able to live with lung cancer as a chronic disease and not an automatic death sentence!"

Watch Marie tell her story below.

Research Leads to Innovative Treatments

Today, targeted therapies are standard of care for many newly diagnosed patients and the rapid pace of development continues to usher in next generations of treatments.

2018 LCRF Awardees

Our 2018 awardees are working across the country on impactful, translational research that has the potential to extend survival and improve quality of life for people with lung cancer. Read more about our investigators and the grants awarded in 2018.

Photo right: Dr. Pawel Mazur's team. Photo below: (top row) Dr. Trudy Oliver's team, Dr. Jalal Ahmed's team, Dr. Satoshi Yoda's team; (bottom row) Dr. Chiara Ambrogio, Dr. Chandylen Nightingale, Dr. Yanxiang Guo's team, Dr. Israel Cañadas.

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Fund Lung Cancer Research

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  • I'm honoring my loved one with a donation to the Lung Cancer Research Foundation this holiday season. Please join me and help make a difference for other families affected by lung cancer. http://www.lcrf.org/eoy2018 @lungcancerresearchfoundation #lcrf #fundlungcancerresearch