Disparities in cancer outcomes are unacceptable and remain a critical issue for Black Americans and other underserved populations, as evidenced by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)’s Cancer Disparities Progress Report and a recent NBC News story referencing it. LCRF applauds AACR for taking this important step in better highlighting these challenges and publishing this report.

From the AACR report (click to view full size)

LCRF is dedicated to making an impact on this important topic. Through our Research Grant on Disparities in Lung Cancer, we have supported projects aimed at overcoming disparities in the diagnosis of lung cancer, improving access to lung cancer screening, improving access to equitable care, and developing a better understanding of the biological differences in responses to treatment.

Recognizing that this work only represents a sliver of the full scope of issues we are faced with, we are proud of the work being done by all investigators, whether funded by LCRF or other organizations, to make an impact on improving health equity. We look forward to supporting additional projects in the coming months and further expanding our program to address issues such as these and others in 2021 and beyond.