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Living with Lung Cancer

This section of the LCRF website is reprinted from our flagship booklet, Living with Lung Cancer. You can also visit LCRFresources.org to order a printed copy to be mailed to you at no charge (U.S. addresses only).

The full booklet also contains a short directory of resources, including support and financial services. You can also visit our Quick Links for Patients and Caregivers page.

These educational materials are provided at no cost to you, with support from Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly and Company, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies Contributions Fund at the Johnson & Johnson Foundation (JJF), and other generous donations.


We hope this guide will help prepare you for what lies ahead in your journey with lung cancer. Whether you are diagnosed with lung cancer or a caregiver who wants to learn more, this guide has resources for everyone.

The first thing to know is there is reason for hope. Much progress is being made for people with lung cancer, with many new treatments being developed and tested every day. There have been tremendous changes in treatment options since our first guide was published.

Of course, you may experience many strong emotions. This is part of the process of dealing with your diagnosis. In this guide we explore emotions both at diagnosis and every day forward.

We also know that a key part of living with lung cancer is learning the facts and staying informed. This booklet will give you an overview that may help you understand your disease and treatment options. Speaking up and asking as many questions as necessary is also part of the process.

If you didn’t receive a personalized cancer care plan (a document for you to record your diagnosis and treatment plan, and take notes) from your care team, you can download or order our care plan at no charge from LCRFresources.org. See this link for more information about care plans.

Please keep in mind that available treatments are constantly changing. You should rely on your medical team for direct treatment recommendations.

Table of Contents

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  1. Lung cancer overview
  2. Biomarker testing
  3. Your cancer care team
  4. Types of cancer treatment
  5. Clinical trials
  6. Understanding palliative care
  7. Personalized cancer care plan
  8. Coping with emotions upon diagnosis
  9. Navigating the stigma
  10. Coping with emotions while in treatment
  11. Oxygen therapy
  12. Wellness guide
  13. Symptoms and side effects
  14. Communicating your needs
  15. Questions to ask my doctor
  16. Glossary