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Lung Cancer Mutation Consortium

Lung Cancer Mutation Consortium

What is the LCMC?

Focused on deepening our understanding of the genetic changes that underlie lung cancers and on improving outcomes in patients whose tumors harbor these oncogenic drivers, the Lung Cancer Mutation Consortium (LCMC) is an association of more than 20 U.S. cancer centers. Through the testing of tumor tissues to uncover genetic changes, LCMC investigators match patients with targeted drugs and clinical trials designed to change the practice of thoracic oncology. The Lung Cancer Research Foundation coordinates and supports the activities of the LCMC.

LCMC is a unique model that brings together advocacy, academic, and industry partners in a collaborative setting. This strategy streamlines research efforts, cuts costs and delays, facilitates connections with the lung cancer and advocacy communities, and brings us closer to the goal of precision medicine where therapies are matched to the specific needs of each person with lung cancer.

Read the press release announcing LCMC4 | 9.28.21