Improving Equity in Lung and Breast Cancer Clinical Trials
Wednesday, November 2 | live from 11 AM – 12 PM Eastern

Produced by CancerCoachLive in Partnership with the Lung Cancer Research Foundation, TOUCH,, CancerCare and the Moffitt Cancer Center

Differences in the quality of healthcare experience in the United States is related to many things, including age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or geographic location. Cancer is the leading cause of death among Hispanic/Latino people and the second-leading cause of death among Black people, with lung cancer disproportionately affecting these and other non-White races/ethnicities. However, the majority participants in clinical trials are White (75%), compared to only 11% Hispanic and 8% Black participants.

“Represent Yourself: Improving Equity in Lung and Breast Cancer Clinical Trials,” an hour-long live interactive educational event on improving access to lung cancer clinical trials, takes place on Wednesday, November 2 at 11 AM. An expert panel will discuss why it is important for persons of color to participate in clinical trials that provide access to novel and breakthrough treatments for lung cancer. Panelists will examine common myths and misconceptions about clinical trials.

Patients will learn how to discuss clinical trials with their treatment teams, discover resources to find trials related to lung cancer, and determine if a trial could be the right treatment option for them. A Clinical Trial Resource Hub links to support websites.

To register for this educational session, click here.


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