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Breathing Hope

Matt Cipriani lost his wife, Dr. Jennifer Zannini-Cipriani, to lung cancer in 2021. They had established Project Breathing Hope to make whatever time Jen had left as meaningful as possible. He is evolving the organization as a tribute to Jen’s perseverance and generosity. Matt is a member of LCRF’s Board of Directors.

From Matt:

Since becoming involved with LCRF, I have committed myself to continuing Jen’s legacy with the help of this organization by becoming a member of the LCRF Board of Directors and the Corporate Development Committee. This year, I am committed to continuing to serve in these leadership roles, participate in the Free to Breathe Anywhere Walk, and continue to engage my personal and professional network.

I have a vision that companies will join me in the fight against lung cancer this year, so we can make an impact and raise $50,000 together. I’d love for you to consider engaging your company and network to help create awareness and raise funds for research.

If you are interested in joining along with my efforts to fund research, please reach out to me at mcipriani@LCRF.org. You can join us by participating in the Free to Breathe Walk, planning your own fundraising & awareness campaign, or making a meaningful donation.

In-person and virtual kickoffs for Breathing Hope took place in June 2023. Watch an excerpt from Matt’s virtual presentation below.

The Breathing Hope in-person kickoff was held in Boston, MA.

Read about Jen’s lung cancer journey at this link.