A bestselling author, Annabelle Gurwitch, appeared on Good Morning America to talk about her recent diagnosis with Stage IV lung cancer. LCRF grantee Dr. Triparna Sen was featured during the segment and addressed the funding gap for lung cancer research as well as the need for public awareness.

Gurwitch shared that she was on a medication that had been approved in the last five years that is allowing her to “have a pretty normal life,” but acknowledges that the cancer will “eventually outsmart it.” Further research is vital for developing additional treatments so that patients have options when this happens.

Correspondent Will Reeve shared that his mother, actress Dana Reeve, died of Stage IV lung cancer 15 years ago. “Unlike Annabelle, she did not have this targeted gene therapy available to her.”

“More can and must be done to help the tens of thousands of people diagnosed with lung cancer each year.”

Watch the segment here.

Dr. Sen on Good Morning America