The New Year began with excellent news for the lung cancer community at large. A 2020 report by the American Cancer Society shows that we have experienced the largest ever single-year drop in cancer death rate between 2016-2017 when cancer deaths fell 2.2%. And even more good news: the sharpest decline in cancer deaths was seen in lung cancer and is mainly attributed to reduced smoking rates and advances in lung cancer treatment.

“The amazing work being done by lung cancer researchers and experts in the field is reaching the lung cancer community,” said Dennis Chillemi, Executive Director of LCRF. “More and more treatment options are becoming widely available for those living with lung cancer today, and this is a trend that we expect to continue.” In 2018 alone, we saw 10 FDA drug approvals for lung cancer treatments. “These new and encouraging statistics, highlight that our continued investment in biomedical research is working.”

Supporting research is the key to continuing this momentum. Together, we will help improve lung cancer outcomes.

To read the full study, click here. The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts & Figures can be found here.