Lung Cancer Research Foundation is partnering with KRAS Kickers to fund KRAS-specific research, and we urgently need the support of everyone who cares about unlocking the mysteries of this mutation. Together, we pledge to award at least one two-year grant towards improving outcomes for people with KRAS-mutant lung cancer.

KRAS mutations are found in about a quarter of all patients with lung cancer. It is the most common biomarker associated with lung and other cancers. Researchers have learned different sub-types of KRAS respond differently to treatment.

Donations directed to the LCRF / KRAS Kickers partnership will go directly to an investigator researching KRAS-positive lung cancer. LCRF has been a leader in funding KRAS research, awarding 13 grants totaling $1.3 million – leading to an additional $2 million in funding.

Chiara Ambrogio, PhD, is one of the KRAS investigators whose work has benefited from LCRF funding. “The prestigious grant I received has been instrumental for the trust in the quality of my research, which granted me the opportunity through additional awards to establish my own independent lab to research KRAS-positive lung cancer.”

With your support, we can make more work like hers possible.

Show your support

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect time to educate others about the impact KRAS research can have.

  • Visit to find out more about KRAS Kickers’ goals for this initiative.
  • Donate or start a fundraiser at
    • Tell your friends and family how important it is for them to help you kick cancer’s KRAS! Share your personal story.
    • Begin a Facebook fundraiser and/or host a fundraiser event – take advantage of the holiday season.

“Having KRAS brings us together as KRAS Kickers,” said Terri Conneran, founder of the organization. “This is one of the alliances that truly showcases our KRAS acronym: Knowledge, Research, Advocacy for Survivorship. We choose to work together for better treatments for patients with KRAS-mutated lung cancer.”

If you have questions or need assistance creating a fundraiser, contact Emma Nestler at LCRF: