LCRF hosted our third annual Together Chicago event May 15 in a beautiful neighborhood in Evanston, IL. A group of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, and others impacted by lung cancer gathered at LeTour on the sunny evening to connect and learn more about the latest in lung cancer research.

Our panel of experts was moderated by LCRF’s Chief Scientific Officer, Antoinette Wozniak, MD. Joining us as panelists were Rajat Thawani, MBBS and Denise Rouse, MMSPA from UChicago Medicine; and Mary J. Fidler, MD from Rush Medical Center. Ms. Rouse provided her perspective as a physician assistant – a point of view that was new to LCRF Together.

The evening was full of impactful conversations before, during and after the panel discussion. Panelists shared their thoughts, experience, recommendations, and took general questions from the audience. An interesting discussion revolved around early-stage lung cancer treatment, including neoadjuvant, perioperative, and adjuvant therapies, as well as treatment for EGFR- and ALK-positive lung cancers. The conversation on targeted therapies delved into what physicians are doing for patients whose targeted treatment stops controlling their cancer. The panel also explored the side effects of treatments, patient reported outcomes, ADCs, small cell lung cancer, screening, and supportive care options.

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