These days, gathering in large groups is a distant memory. Concerts, festivals, and athletic events have been cancelled, but one runner isn’t letting the coronavirus pandemic get in the way of his goals.

John Glassman had planned to run the BMO Vancouver Marathon, held annually the first Sunday in May. He decided to partner with LCRF to raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research – an issue that has become all too real for him this past year.

“Last summer, my father was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer with EGFR mutation,” he told his supporters on his fundraising page. “This was a scary experience that left us wondering what the path forward looked like, and what potential outcomes were on the table.

“Luckily, my Dad found an incredible doctor. And research had generated an incredible drug. Twenty years ago, such a situation would not be likely. But today, my Dad is able to continue living his life and maintaining his health by taking a pill once a day that, in the near term, inhibits further growth of the cancer.”

While John was disappointed that the marathon in Vancouver was cancelled, he decided he needed to keep fundraising. He will do a virtual marathon in May or June, running a 26-mile route of his own creation.

“There’s more work to be done…” John explained. “Research continues in order to find drugs and treatments that will fill in after the effectiveness of this drug declines, which it does after a period of time.”

John has already exceeded his initial fundraising goal, and there’s no stopping him. His fundraising page ends with a request: “Help me outrun lung cancer. :)”

You can donate to John’s efforts here. If you’re interesting in doing your own virtual event, get started by contacting us at

John with his parents
John’s extended family