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Previously Funded Research

2006 UALC

Carolyn Klinge

Carolyn Klinge, PhD

University of Louisville School of Medicine

Research Project:

Estrogen Receptor Beta Interacting Proteins in Lung Adenocarcinoma


The fact that women, even non-smokers, are at higher risk than men for developing lung adenocarcinoma strongly suggests the involvement of gender-dependent factors. The overall goal of Dr. Klinge’s research is to determine the mechanism for this gender bias in lung adenocarcinoma, specifically investigating how estrogen receptors contribute to development of lung cancer in women vs. men and looking at potential treatments.

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Final Report
Dr. Klinge, using multidimensional protein identification technology, has found a number of proteins interacting with the estrogen receptor in lung adenocarcinoma lines, including EGFR, Cdc6, and HER2. Long term goals include identifying proteins that may be used as biomarkers to indicate whether treatment with anti-estrogens would be successful.

Carolyn Klinge