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Previously Funded Research

2007 UALC

Bingcheng Wang

Bingcheng Wang, PhD

Case Western Reserve University

Research Project:

Harnessing the Intrinsic Tumor Suppressor Activities of EphA2 Kinase for Lung Cancer Therapy


Dr. Bingcheng Wang is studying the gene EphA2 which has a tumor suppressor function in normal cells. It is present in an inactivated form in some lung cancers. He seeks to restore EphA2 function by supplying missing molecules that the gene normal creates.

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Final Report
Preliminary results indicate that the size of lung tumors was reduced in preclinical models treated with Ephin-A1, an agent which is expected to activate EphA2. Studies are ongoing in order to determine the effect of EphA2 on K-Ras in lung cancer.

Bingcheng Wang