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Fundraising resources – Your Way

Free to Breathe Your Way Tips + Tools

Fundraising is simple when you have the right tools! Remember, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact Emma at enestler@LCRF.org any time if you have questions or need help brainstorming!

Fundraiser guidebook

We’ve put together a wealth of information that will help you make the biggest impact on lung cancer research.

Social media templates

Create a free Canva account and click a link to use our templates and personalize your own social media graphics!

Don’t want to use Canva? You can download a zip file with graphics you can then personalize on your own.

Just looking for our punch card graphic that you can use in Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, or as a text image? Download either version here:
$100 card
$250 card

Watch our Canva tutorial

Fundraiser idea starters

These one-page guides will get you started with ideas and tips for different types of fundraisers: tournaments, yoga, parties, kite flying, golf, hobbies, and family activities. (Click an image to download)

Donation forms and deposit slip

Please use these forms to record all of your cash and check donations. To ensure efficient processing and happy donors, please mail in donations as soon as you receive them. Include a deposit slip when you send in cash and check donations. (Please do not mail cash – instead, write a check to cover the amount.) The single donation form is also perfect for sharing with potential donors as it allows them to mail in a donation on their own. Click an image to download.

Tribute signs

Download, print and personalize signs to put on your shirt or hang up on event day.

What do the colors mean?

White: I know someone with lung cancer
Blue: I lost someone to lung cancer
Gold: I have received a lung cancer diagnosis
Navy: I support lung cancer research

Zoom backgrounds

Doing an online activity? Right-click and download a Zoom background. (Blue is general, gold is for survivors.)

Fundraiser flyers 

Need a flyer for your event? We can help! Contact Emma at enestler@LCRF.org

Lung cancer facts

Learn the facts about lung cancer at LCRF.org/facts.