March 30 is National Doctors’ Day, and once again we invited you to send thank you messages to the physicians who have made a difference in your life. Here are a few of the kudos you shared with your inspiring doctors!

Thank you to doctors everywhere who are using the results of lung cancer research to give their patients better, longer lives.

It’s never too late to support research in honor of your own doctor. Make your own tribute here.

To Mohamed Mohamed, MD,
Wesley Long Cancer Center
“Thank you, Dr. M, for taking this difficult journey with me, being sensitive to my needs, while still recommending the most effective treatments and encouraging me every step of the way. I am very grateful for your care.”

To Lecia Sequist, MD, Mass General Hospital and
Sarada Gurubhagavatula, MD, Summit Health
“I think of you often and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for Bill and me. After Bill was diagnosed with cancer, we were so fortunate to have found such kind, caring and dedicated doctors. From the moment we met you, we knew that we had come to the right place. As Bill would often say, you were not only amazing doctors but wonderful people. We both felt so much more at ease after we spoke to you, and we trusted all of the advice that you gave us. I know that if it had not been for you, we would not have had nearly as much time together. I can’t thank you enough for giving us the precious gift of time.”

To Brad Hiatt, DO, MercyOne Hospital
“I am so grateful to my oncologist, Dr. Brad Hiatt at MercyOne Hospital in Des Moine, IA! He’s the best..I was stage 4 lung cancer and I thought I was doomed! I began my fight in 2019 and my two tumors are in the dormant stage and I hope they stay that way! I will be 75 in June and almost 5 years ago since my cancer was diagnosed..I have wonderful doctors! Thank you, Dr. Hiatt and team! You are all a blessing!”

To Joshua Sabari, MD, NYU Langone
“Dr. Sabari is extremely knowledgeable about developments in the field and is very giving of his time even though he is super busy. Most important,  as a patient, he eases my worries and I know my care is top-notch.”

To Christina Mangiaracina, DO,
Delancy Medical Group, Penn Medicine
“Thank you for your commitment to early detection & intervention. I wish all doctors shared your dedication to patients and your understanding of lung cancer.”

To Alexander Drilon, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering
“Thinking of you and JAMIE, and all of your staff on this day of thanking DOCTORS. Can’t tell you how much you all meant to us during my mom‘s treatment. We were blessed to have you all as our care team. We still miss her every day.”

“Thanks for what you did for my wife, Nita.”

“You gave my mother over 7 years of life with stage 4 using cancer. We worked to keep the virus away and you worked to stay ahead of all mutations. She died last January, NOT due to the cancer. Thank you for all your do!”

“There will never be enough words to express my gratitude for the care, compassion and dedication you have to your patients and improving lung cancer outcomes. I am blessed to have you and your staff as a part of my team and am grateful for your attentiveness, thoroughness and knowledge. Thank you for giving me hope! I feel like the lucky one to have you in my corner!”

To Catherine Shu, MD, Columbia University
“Super grateful for the care you provide me and others facing lung cancer. I am privileged to be your patient!”

To Jennifer Garst, MD, Duke University Medical Center 
“I am forever grateful for you. Your kindness, expertise and knowledge has gotten me through two lung cancers. I am so lucky that Dr. Garst and my surgeon, Dr. Tom D’Amico, are at DUMC. I am alive because of these physicians. Dr. Garst’s compassion and expertise has kept me grounded for the last 20 + years.”

To Ryan Brisson, MD, University of Florida
“Your dedication to the field of radiation oncology is such a blessing to our community! Thank you for your focus on reducing the toxicity of cancer treatment, allowing your patients to lead longer, fuller lives.”

To Matthew Gubens, MD, MS,
UCSF University of California San Francisco
“Thank you for all you’ve been doing and continue to do!”

To Heather Wakelee, MD,
Stanford Medicine Cancer Center
“Thank you for your excellent guidance and support.”