Nine years ago, in January 2015, Donna Preston was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Her only symptom was a cough that wouldn’t quit.

“I really wanted to just live my life and keep things normal,” Donna said. “At the time I was diagnosed, my five children were 9-18 and it was a scary time for them. We were always honest with the kids but we also kept life running as normal. Family and friends were understanding and supportive.”

Donna found out her tumor tested positive for ALK mutation. “I knew nothing about genetic mutations like ALK,” she explained. “I was devastated when I was first diagnosed at stage 4 and I thought I would never get to see my children grow up. But as my doctor explained my genetic mutation and how we can manage it, I realized that I did have a future. Nine years later, I am still here and going strong. I was able to see my oldest daughter get married last year!”

“I know that if the targeted therapy medication I’m currently using fails and the cancer spreads there are more medications that I can use. Cancer research continues to advance new treatment options.”