Dr. Kwon-Sik Park

Dr. Kwon-Sik Park, associate professor of microbiology, immunology, and cancer biology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and 2012 Pilot Grant awardee, is one of the authors of a groundbreaking study that may have implications for development of a new treatment for small cell lung cancer (SCLC.) He, along with his co-author Dr. John Bushweller, were interviewed by Medical News Today about their findings related to the KIX domain of the EP300 protein that is essential for the development of SCLC and, as their study found, can also inhibit the cancer.

It is precisely these kinds of discoveries that LCRF funding is designed to enable, and we’re proud that our supporters made it possible to fund Dr. Kwon-Sik Park early in his career with the specific purpose of uncovering targeted treatment opportunities for SCLC.

Read the Medical News Today article here.