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Previously Funded Research

2003 UALC

Derrick Lau

Derick Lau, MD, PhD

University of California, Davis

Research Project:

Peptide Ligands as Novel Therapy for Bronchioloalveolar Lung Cancer


Recently, new therapies targeting specific cancer cells have been successfully used to treat breast cancer and lymphoma cancer. Dr. Lau believes that new treatment specific for BAC lung cancer can also be found using the technology of “combinatorial chemistry” invented in his laboratory. He will use this technology to identify proteins on BAC lung cancer cells and synthesize drugs specific for these proteins. The ultimate goal is to develop these drugs as targeted treatment for BAC lung cancer.

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Final Report
The ultimate goal of Dr. Lau’s work is to develop these peptides as imaging agents for early diagnosis and therapeutic agents for treatment of adenocarcinoma of the lung. The data generated so far have provided a solid foundation for pursuing this goal.

Derrick Lau