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Previously Funded Research

2005 UALC

Charles Powell

Charles Powell, MD

Columbia University

Research Project:

Acquisition of Invasiveness in Lung Adenocarcinoma


Dr. Powell is investigating the mechanisms behind tumor invasion, the ability of lung cancer to spread to other sites. He has identified a candidate protein TGFbeta Receptor II, found at much lower levels in invasive tumors. In this study, Dr. Powell will further investigate this protein as a potential biomarker to predictive tumor with higher likelihood to become invasive, and test potential drugs that will reduce invasiveness in patients with lung cancer or prevent the development of invasive tumors in individuals at high risk for lung cancer.

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Final Report
Dr. Powell has completed the work in cell lines, supporting his hypothesis, and has included additional clinical samples to increase the statistical power of the study, which is ongoing. Dr. Powell is also currently developing a preclinical model to continue his studies. His results were published in January of 2008.

Notable Accomplishments
Dr. Powell was awarded a $1.8 million grant to continue his studies from the National Cancer Institute.

Charles Powell