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Previously Funded Research

2005 UALC

Eric Haura

Eric Haura, MD

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute

Research Project:

Targeting SRC and Stat3 Signaling in EGFR-Driven Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer


Dr. Haura is investigating a signaling pathway (STAT) that affects EGFR signaling. He is currently testing combinations of EGFR -targeting drugs (Tarceva) with STAT pathway inhibitors to enhance responses to treatment.

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Final Report
Dr. Haura’s project examined the ability of novel SRC kinase inhibitors to inhibit the growth or survival of mutant EGFR lung cancer cells, and has demonstrated that these compounds could induce growth arrest or death in lung cancer cells. Importantly, this work resulted in an ongoing clinical trial examining the combination of erlotinib (EGFR inhibitor) and dasatinib (SRC inhibitor) for the treatment of lung cancer. Dr. Haura is currently examining novel therapeutic strategies to downregulate IL6-Jak1-Stat3 signaling in these cells. UPDATE: Study results have shown that the combination of erlotinib and dasatinib is tolerable, with adverse effects consistent with the two agents. Disease control and inhibition of plasma angiogenesis markers were observed. Personalized strategies should receive further attention.

Notable Accomplishments
Dr. Haura has not only published his work, but has garnered over $3 million in additional funding, as well as moving his work into an on-going clinical trial.

Eric Haura