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Previously Funded Research

2005 UALC

Sanford Barsky

Sanford Barsky, MD

University of Nevada School of Medicine

Research Project:

The Bone Marrow Stem Cell Origin of Lung BAC / PAC


Dr. Barsky is investigating how stem cells may contribute to the development of bronchioalveolar adenocarcinoma. Previous reports documented patients who received bone marrow transplants to treat leukemia later developed lung cancer �� but the cancer arose from the donated bone marrow. Dr. Barsky will be using two different mouse transplant models to determine if and how transplanted cells from a donor can give rise to lung cancer in the host.

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Final Report
Dr. Barsky is continuing his work to determine if BAC arises from bone marrow-derived stem cells. The initial method proposed to label the transplanted cells proved ineffective, Dr. Barsky is generating additional mouse models that will utilize a more effective system.

Sanford Barsky