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Previously Funded Research

2006 UALC

Masaaki Tamura

Masaaki Tamura, DVM, PhD

Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Research Project:

IFN-Beta Expressing Stem Cell Therapy for Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma


Dr. Tamura is investigating the use of human umbilical cord-derived stem cells, engineered to express the anti-tumor protein IFN-beta, can affect tumor growth in BAC cell lines and mouse models.

More Content:

Final Report
Dr. Tamura showed an anti-tumor effect of the IFN-beta expressing stem cells. Additionally, the team found that unaltered stem cells also had an effect on lung cancer growth, discovering endogenous tumor-killing genes. Dr. Tamura is further pursuing using stem cells over-exposing these tumoricidal genes therapeutically. Additionally, Dr. Tamura and colleagues have identified a novel nanoparticle gene therapy that they have shown to significantly decrease lung cancer growth.

Notable Accomplishments
Funding from UALC not only supported this project, but also enabled Dr. Tamura to explore nanoparticle-based gene therapy, which is progressing well. Dr. Fakirs, a collaborator, also received tenure, partially supported by UALC funding.

Masaaki Tamura