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Previously Funded Research

2006 UALC

Viji Shridhar

Viji Shridhar, PhD

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Rochester

Research Project:

Functional Characterization of HSulf-1 Loss in Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma


Dr. Shridhar is investigating HSulf-1, a protein she has found commonly lost or reduced in BAC. Her studies will investigate how HSulf-1 is decreased, whether that reduction correlates to clinical outcomes, and determine whether HSulf-1 levels can be used as a predictive marker of response to treatment.

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Final Report
Dr. Shridhar has identified a number of candidate mutations, she is still searching for the alterations that lead to decreased HSulf-1. However, her investigation has shown a strong correlation between low HSulf-1 expression and high grade tumors. Additionally, the work has shown that HSulf-1 downregulation could be used as marker to predict increased responsiveness to targeted therapy.

Viji Shridhar