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Previously Funded Research

2006 UALC

Christopher Herzog

Christopher Herzog, PhD

Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine

Research Project:

Study of FOX03a in Lung Cancer Therapy


To improve patient survivorship of lung cancer, Dr. Herzog is identifying novel clinical markers to better guide drug treatments and to predict outcome. The project will focus on whether FOXO3a gene status in lung tumors predicts response to currently used treatments. Towards this goal, Dr. Herzog will test different human lung cancer cell lines for their susceptibility to drug treatments and determine the role and mechanism of FOXO3a in the tumor response to these drugs.

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Final Report
Dr. Herzog has identified specific DNA-repair processes regulated by FOXO3a in response to human lung carcinogens and identified a stress-specific cellular response. His work thus far indicated that different treatments may cause different cellular stresses that cooperate to control FOXO3a.

Christopher Herzog