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Previously Funded Research

2006 UALC

Rajiv Dhand

Rajiv Dhand, PhD

University of Missouri School of Medicine

Research Project:

Tolerance and Safety of Direct Targeted Aerosol Chemotherapy


Dr. Dhand is studying a type of drug delivery using navigational bronchoscopy with the AeroProbe Intracorporeal Nebulizing Catheter (INC) in an effort to delivery toxic, chemotherapeutic drugs directly to the tumor. This work will investigate wither combinations of chemotherapeutic agents that are effective against BAC cell lines in vitro could be efficiently and safely delivered by localized aerosol chemotherapy in experimental animals, to later be tested in human clinical trials.

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Final Report
Surprisingly, BAC cells seem to respond differently to doses and order of combination drugs with which they are treated, and this response seems to be dependent on their pattern and rate of tumor growth. Efforts are ongoing to analyze the effects of combination chemotherapy on BAC cell lines. Dr. Dhand and his team have also performed further preclinical studies administering combination therapy with inhaled cisplatin and gemcitabine via the INC, showing the combination and delivery method was well-tolerated. Thus, Dr. Dhand has identified 2 drugs that are effective against lung cancers that could be safely administered by this inhalation technique.

Rajiv Dhand