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Previously Funded Research

2007 UALC

John Heymach

John Heymach, MD, PhD

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Research Project:

EGFR/estrogen Interactions: Role in Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma and Gender Differences in the Efficacy of Antiangiogenic Therapy


Recent evidence indicated gender-specific differences in lung cancer biology and response to targeted therapies. For example, women, particularly non-smokers, are more likely to develop BAC and be responsive to EGFR inhibitors. A recent trial suggests men are more responsive to one angiogenesis inhibitor, while women derive greater benefit from another. Dr. Heymach’s study will investigate the molecular basis for these differences, and learn why women respond differently to angiogenesis inhibitors.

More Content:

Final Report
Dr. Heymach has completed initial studies identifying a number of molecules with altered expression in males vs. females. Further statistical analysis is required before any definitive factors are identified.

John Heymach