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Previously Funded Research

2008 Lung Cancer Research Foundation Annual Grant Program

Dr. Weichselbaum

Ralph Weichselbaum, MD

University of Chicago

Research Project:

Identification of Pathways Activated by Genes Encoding Resistance to Cancer Treatment


Non-small cell lung cancers (NSCLC) are highly resistant to radiotherapy and chemotherapy; however the basis for their lack of responsiveness to treatment is not known. Other studies have shown that MUC1 oncoprotein is over expressed in most NSCLC’s and is associated with resistance to treatment and a poor prognosis. This study will employ bioinformatic tools to discover new pathways activated by MUC1, an important gene in blocking cell death by cytokines and chemotherapy. They hope to identify potential new therapeutic targets in lung cancer as well as other types of cancers in which MUC1 is expressed.

Dr. Weichselbaum