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Previously Funded Research

2018 LCRF Scientific Grant Program

Chandylen Nightingale

Chandylen Nightingale, PhD, MPH

Wake Forest University Health Sciences

Research Project:

Caregiver Oncology Needs Evaluation Tool (CONNECT): A technology-based intervention to connect lung cancer caregivers with supportive care resources


Lung cancer affects not only the patients who are diagnosed, but also their informal / unpaid family members who provide care. Lung cancer caregivers may face many challenges when tending to patients’ care needs and are at risk for poor mental and physical health. Caregivers who cope well and tend to their own needs may provide better care for patients. Although some supportive care resources are available to address lung cancer caregivers’ needs and challenges (such as depressive symptoms, financial problems, and health behaviors), health care systems often fail to connect caregivers with these resources. Dr. Nightingale’s study will test a technology-based intervention (Caregiver Oncology Needs Evaluation Tool; CONNECT) with 40 lung cancer caregivers. CONNECT is designed to empower and educate caregivers about the importance of self-care and benefits of supportive care resource use, identify unmet needs, and connect caregivers with resources, based on each caregiver’s specific needs. The study will primarily focus on assessing feasibility of CONNECT and caregivers’ acceptability of CONNECT. Data will also be collected on additional outcomes for caregivers (e.g. use of services, anxiety and depression) as well as the patients they are caring for (e.g. unplanned hospitalizations, physical well-being).

Chandylen Nightingale