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Previously Funded Research

2019 Lung Cancer Treatment Focused Research Grant Program

nisha mohindra

Nisha Mohindra, MD

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Research Project:

Development and implementation of 4R care sequences in patients with NSCLC receiving targeted therapies


This project’s overall goal is to implement the systematic and innovative approach for care planning and delivery to improve side effect management, treatment adherence and supportive care for patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) receiving targeted therapies. The improvement will be achieved via the 4R Care Sequence plans that will be used by patients, their caregivers and their care team. The 4R (Right Information and Right Treatment to the Right Patient at the Right Time) model is an innovative approach to personalized cancer care planning, team-based care delivery and patient / caregiver self-management. 4R uses project management principles to create a personalized, comprehensive, patient-specific “care project plan” called 4R Care Sequence. The 4R Care Sequence plan outlines the order and timing of treatment, side effect management, supportive services, chronic disease / comorbidity management, nutrition services, and quality of life, while incorporating the patient’s goals and preferences. The 4R Care Sequence plan is used by patient / caregiver and multi-disciplinary care teams as a comprehensive care pathway, with the purpose to optimize care delivery, outcomes of treatment and patient’s quality of life, while minimizing treatment side effects and comorbidities.

nisha mohindra