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Previously Funded Research

2022 LCRF and MET Crusaders Research Grant on MET-Driven Lung Cancer

Xiuning Le, MD, PhD

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Research Project:

Optimization of MET-CAR-T/NK cell-based therapies for MET exon 14 skipping NSCLC


Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) based cell therapy is a way to get immune cells, either T cells or NK cells to fight cancer by changing them in the lab so they can find and kill cancer cells. CAR-T cell therapies have been approved by FDA in lymphoma, but it is still slow in the solid tumor arena. For METex14 skipping and MET overexpressed lung cancer, CAR T/NK approach is particularly promising as MET antibody-based therapies have shown good clinical results. Here, we will first test if CAR T/NK cells can effectively kill METex14 tumor cells in vitro and in mouse models. Next, we will evaluate combinations to enhance the efficacy of MET targeting CAR T/NK cells, aiming to produce benefit in cancers having low- or moderate-MET levels, which can benefit more lung cancer patients.