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Previously Funded Research

2023 LCRF Minority Career Development Award (CDA) in Lung Cancer

Lloyd Bod, PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital 

Research Project:

Harnessing B cell specific checkpoint molecules in lung cancer


Immunotherapy has transformed the paradigm of lung cancer treatment, yet its efficacy remains restricted, benefiting only a minority of patients—typically, two to four individuals out of every ten. Dr. Bod’s research focuses on unraveling the functions of B cells, a critical component of the immune system. These cells are abundant in lung tissue and hold the capacity to assist T cells in their anti-cancer activities while directly combatting cancer cells themselves. This translational project’s objective is to leverage genomics to identify and assess new molecules present on B cells, which could serve as innovative immunotherapy targets, thereby paving the way for new therapeutic strategies in lung cancer.

This project was awarded the James B. Dougherty, MD Award for Scientific Merit acknowledging the investigator whose proposal was selected for outstanding overall merit by LCRF’s Scientific Advisory Board.

“This award fuels our quest to explore B cells in lung cancer, aiming to unlock groundbreaking treatments. I’m deeply grateful for the recognition.”