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Previously Funded Research

2023 LCRF Research Grant on Early Detection and Pre-Neoplasia in Lung Cancer

Darren Chiu, MD, MMSc

Boston University

Research Project:

The Spatial B Cell Landscape in Lung Squamous Premalignant Lesions


Bronchial premalignant lesions (PMLs) develop in the airway from cellular and molecular changes, and they are precursor lesions of lung squamous cell carcinoma. While some PMLs progress to cancer, some of them regress spontaneously or remain stable. The presence and distribution of B cells in lung cancer has been associated with prognosis and survival, however, the role of B cells in the lung premalignancy is poorly understood. Using single cell sequencing technology and multiplex multiomic imaging, we will identify B cell subpopulations in bronchial PMLs and characterize the spatial microenvironment that recruits and modulates B cells associated with PMLs severity and progression. The findings are expected to reveal new biomarkers for early diagnosis or interception of lung cancer.