For Patients

Funding groundbreaking research is a large part of what LCRF does. However, the Foundation is also dedicated to fostering community and supporting those whose lives have been forever changed by the disease. Whether you are a patient or survivor — or a family member or friend of one — we encourage you to explore the resources below.

Patient Stories

Advances in medical technology and research mean that there are more survivors than ever before. These accounts allow those whose lives are touched by lung cancer to explain, in their own words, why their hope for finding a cure is stronger than ever.

Share Your Story

Share your experience with lung cancer and become an inspiration to others.

Clinical Trials

Participating in a clinical trial can provide access to new treatments and care that are not yet available to the public. At the same time, trials provide valuable data to researchers in search of a cure.

Support Groups and Resources

The support groups and other resources included can provide more in-depth information and assistance for lung cancer patients, their families and caretakers.