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What Are The Best Ways To Communicate Your Needs While Living With Lung Cancer?

It may be easier to ask for help after you have identified what you need. We have put together a worksheet to help you link your friend/family/community resources to common needs you may experience during lung cancer treatment.

You can download a printable version of this worksheet here.

Who will drive me to and from treatment? Who will take me shopping for things I need?

Childcare or eldercare
Who will help with carpooling for my kids? Who will take my mom to her weekly physical therapy appointment?

Understanding medical information
Who will come with me to appointments and help clarify things I may not understand?

Financial arrangements
Who can I turn to for questions about paying healthcare costs?

Understanding coverage
Who can I ask questions to about what is covered and what is not?

There are so many forms. Who do I know that can help me make sure everything is completed correctly?

Local errands
Which friends or family members can help with the errands I am now too tired to do? Which of these people are running the same types of errands?

Are there community services to help with housework? Who do I know that is good at organizing or loves to clean?

Food preparation
Who makes the best smoothies? Who makes the best soup? Who is really good at making casseroles my family can heat up?

Who can I talk to when I find myself getting nervous about treatment? Who is someone that can set my mind at ease?

Symptom questions
Who in my family and circle of friends do I feel comfortable talking about symptoms?

Treatment schedule
Who can help organize meals and errands for me while I am in treatment?

Condition management
Who is someone I can trust with news and share it with when I don’t have the energy?

Who can I count on for listening and giving good advice? Who can I count on to research things for me from trusted sources? Which of my friends or family knows about community resources?