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Questions to ask my doctor

  • What type of lung cancer do I have?
  • What stage is my cancer?
  • Do we have all the necessary test results we need to determine my treatment plan?
  • If my cancer has spread, where else is it in my body?
  • Has my biopsy tissue been sent out for comprehensive biomarker testing?
  • If the best treatment for me is not covered by my insurance, what resources are available to help with access/payment?
  • Are there any clinical trials I should consider?
  • Can I get a second opinion at an NCI‑designated cancer center and still be treated here locally by you?
  • If I cannot afford a second opinion at an NCI-designated cancer center, is there someone local you could recommend?
  • How often will I need to have follow‑up scans?
  • What types of side effects should I expect with the treatment you are recommending?
  • Who on my team should I contact for questions and concerns about side effects? Is someone available to me after hours or on weekends?
  • Before I begin treatment, should I consider fertility preservation?
  • Can I still work during treatment?
  • Can I travel during treatment? What kind of travel accommodations will I need?