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Personalized cancer care plan

You may wish to work with your doctor and/or nurse to develop a personalized cancer care plan, which serves as a one-stop reference for information relating to your treatment and care. This plan will include your initial treatment plan, which is a list of your cancer treatments; other medicines or therapies you will need to help your treatments work best; possible side effects; and symptoms to watch for. Once your initial treatment is complete, you may wish to update your care plan with information on any medicines you are continuing to take, any ongoing medical issues that may need to be addressed, and when to return for check-ups.

A basic outline for a personalized care plan includes the following:

  • Treatment provided
  • Treatment purpose (cancer treatment, bone strengthener, ease of breathing, etc.)
  • When to take (daily, weekly, specific dates)
  • How to take (after meals, before bed, with water, etc.)
  • When and where you need to go for treatments
  • Reactions to look out for
  • Follow-up needed
  • Follow-up date(s)

Keep in mind that your plan can always change, based on your experience. That is why it is so important to speak up about side effects and ask as many questions as you need.