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Fundraise your way

Every dollar makes a difference in the fight against lung cancer. You can turn any activity or event into a fundraiser to support lung cancer research.
YOU have the power to help change what it means to face a lung cancer diagnosis.


Lemonade Cups for a Cure

Host a Fundraising Event

Whether it’s a concert, movie night, cocktail party, cornhole tournament or lemonade stand, any activity can be turned into a fundraiser for lung cancer research!

Hands Holding Flowers

Honor a Loved One

Create a tribute page in memory or honor of someone.

Lung Cancer Marathon Runner


Run, Cycle, Swim…you name it! Train for endurance events and turn your miles into research dollars by joining Team LCRF!

Lung Cancer Research Walk

Bring a Walk to Your Community

Raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research by hosting a Free to Breathe walk in your neck of the woods!

People Celebrating a Birthday


Special occasions are important to celebrate! You can mark your big day, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or important milestone, by setting up a fundraising page and soliciting donations for lung cancer research.

Fundraiser on Facebook

Fundraise on Facebook

Facebook makes it easy to become a peer-to-peer fundraising all-star! Turn your birthday or special occasion into a fundraiser for LCRF by creating a Facebook Fundraiser. Then, ask your friends and family to support your fundraising efforts!  It’s easy, here’s how: 

1. Click here to create a fundraiser for LCRF 
2. Name your campaign and select an activity (birthday, anniversary, etc.)
3. Share your fundraising campaign with friends, family and colleagues on Facebook

Need help getting started? Contact our events team at events@LCRF.org.