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Your Way fundraising

Support lung cancer research your way! You can do what you love (throw a party, play pickleball, plan a corporate picnic, or take part in your favorite hobby) while raising awareness of lung cancer and funds for research.


Any activity can be turned into an event that will bring attention to lung cancer while raising funds that will help create a future without it! We can help you brainstorm the possibilities, and give you tips for making your event memorable. Check out the tried-and-true tips in our idea starters below!

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Online fundraisers

Creating a fundraiser is easier than ever with social media and our donation page maker! Make your birthday or special occasion extra special this year by asking your friends to support lung cancer research.

“I keep doing this because I believe in it; I believe that science works; and whatever I can do to help out, to raise awareness and money, I am happy to – especially in my Dad’s name.”
~Gambrelle, Free to Breathe Your Way fundraiser

Read Gambrelle’s story


Livestreaming is a fun way to share video game and esports competition, music broadcasts, and other creative content. Now it’s also a way to support lung cancer research! Tiltify seamlessly connects with multiple platforms including YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. Make an impact – get creative!