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World Lung Cancer Day

Beginning in 2012, World Lung Cancer Day has been observed every year on August 1 to raise awareness of lung cancer issues, especially the need for more research funding.

Breakthroughs in research over the past decade have led to better survival rates, but it’s not enough. Lung cancer touches an overwhelming number of lives. In a sense, everyone who cares about a patient with lung cancer has it, too. The Lung Cancer Research Foundation recognizes that everyone in our community has a reason to fight for a cure.

We show our colors at every Free to Breathe Walk, to represent how lung cancer has affected each of us. This World Lung Cancer Day is an opportunity to share our connection and let others know why they should care, too.

Devika is a lung cancer physician with a practice in Alabama, where the rate of new lung cancer cases is significantly higher than the national rate. Find out more about her reason for supporting research.

David stands in support of his husband, Wyatt, who is living with lung cancer. “My family is my world,” he says. Read more about why he raises funds for research.

Louise lost her sister, Diane, to lung cancer. She and more than 60 friends and family members honored Diane by walking and fundraising last year. Learn why that experience was so meaningful for her.

Juanita is living with lung cancer. Every day is a new reason for her to make an impact. “Research for lung cancer matters, and it matters right NOW,” she says. Read more about Juanita’s hopes for the future.

Every story matters.

We know you have a reason to end lung cancer, too. Here are three ways you can help:

Share your reason.
Customize one of our social media graphics and post it on your channels. Use our Canva template or download a zip file with images you can customize on your own.

Make a donation.
Your donation in any amount will lead to better outcomes and longer lives for patients with lung cancer!

Join us!
Register for a Free to Breathe Walk, do an endurance event as part of Team LCRF, or hold a Free to Breathe Your Way fundraiser. You’ll make memories while you make a difference.