Patient Stories

The stories below come from men and women whose lives have been touched by lung cancer. In addition to providing unique insight on what it’s like to battle and live with the disease, each story also provides reasons to be hopeful about the future of lung cancer research.


Beth's mysterious respiratory symptoms and a stubborn "walking pneumonia" led her to the hospital and a diagnosis of advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Later testing led to a wonderful surprise: her cancer had the ROS1 genetic mutation and she was eligible for a targeted therapy. Within days of starting treatment, she began to improve.

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Bill enrolled in clinical trial after a year and a half of targeted therapy for his lung cancer. He is encouraged by the research developments he's seen since his diagnosis in 2012.

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Marie thought she'd dodged a bullet after her lung cancer diagnosis and lobectomy. She learned five years later that the cancer had metastasized. Her hope was renewed when she discovered she had the EGFR mutation, which could be addressed with a treatment that hadn't even been available a few years earlier.

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Rose is an exuberant grandmother and two-time survivor of lung cancer. Thanks to lung cancer research, new drugs and treatment methods have helped Rose regain her energy and strength. Read more about how she went from surgery on her lungs to finishing a 5k within a year!

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Craig's brother-in-law Guy was an avid car and boat lover. To honor Guy's memory and to help fund lung cancer research, Craig and his family started the G.E.T. Fast Memorial Fund. Learn more about how the organization started and how it is helping fund much needed lung cancer research.

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Anne has been running in support of lung cancer research since 2012. Read about how she started running — and why she hasn't stopped since.

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